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Industrial Electricians London

Electrifire specialise in supplying the highest quality electrical contracting for all types of companies so that you can rest assured that you will only have the most professional and expert service. Since 2009, Electrifire has dominated the London industrial electrical contracting sector by consistently providing the best service possible. All of Electrifire’s industrial electricians are fully qualified and up to date with all the newest information, tools and technology necessary to deliver expert services to businesses across London at a competitive cost.

London Industrial Electrical Installations

Whether you need minor fault finding, a new electrical installation or a total rewiring service, Electrifire will supply your London company with the very best service every single time. Having a highly skilled industrial electrician which you can always rely on is essential for your peace of mind as a business owner. Electrifire is proud to offer a complete range of industrial electrical services in London to suit your needs. Our electricians are all fully qualified and able to handle every task, large or little, and will arrive punctually and completely prepared for every aspect of the job. We ensure that we will always supply the best industrial electrical service so that you can relax knowing your London business is in the best possible hands.

Every company must satisfy extensive electrical regulations, and as London’s premier industrial electrical contractors we are here to assist you each step of the way. Electrifire will give you only expert guidance and will provide complete solutions for all of your requirements. Whether you need a new industrial electrical installation to be designed and installed or simply maintained, Electrifire can tend to the most complex forms of installations. All of our industrial electric installations are completed by fully qualified and highly skilled electricians and therefore are ensured to match BS7671 standards to ensure that your organization conforms with all electrical health and safety regulations. No matter how big or small the job, you can know that you’re in great hands with Electrifire’s professional electricians.

Industrial Electrical Inspections

Ensure the safety of your building and staff with routine industrial electrical inspections. You would not skip your car’s MOT, and similarly you shouldn’t skip a industrial electrical inspection so that you always know your company meets all health and safety standards. Our trade-certified electricians will scrutinize every electrical part in your London office to ensure that any faults are addressed and that the cabling is intact and completely safe. Industrial electrical systems are only able to be be ensured with regular inspections. How frequently your company will require a industrial electrical inspection depends on a variety of factors including the type of premises and also the kind of electrical appliances you own.

Industrial Electrical Testing London

In most cases, a full inspection and testing service will need to be carried out every 5 to 10 years. If you purchase a new business or relocate to new office, you will also want a trade-certified industrial electrician to run a complete safety inspection. Health and safety regulations are always changing and getting more wide-ranging, and insurance companies also require rigorous conditions to be met before they’ll issue a policy. For these reasons, it is absolutely essential that you’re able to depend on highly skilled industrial electricians for all of your businesses wiring and electrical testing needs.

Also, industrial electrical testing is necessary in order to meet London’s strict health and safety regulations, and we’re proud at Electrifire to be able to supply NAPIT-approved industrial electrical testing, always completed by our trade-certified electricians. We will ensure that your premises and all of your electrical components, appliances and equipment conform to all electrical testing regulations. Industrial electrical inspections enable us to lessen your future outlay by discovering faults and fixing problems before they appear and require expensive repairs. You can always rest easy knowing that you can depend on Electrifire – no matter what size your organisation is.

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Ensure your business’s electrical system is obviously safe, free of faults, and in compliance with London’s strict health and safety regulations with regular industrial electrical maintenance. At Electrifire, we are highly experienced in all types of industrial electrical maintenance, and our London-based electricians are not only extensively trained but are up to date with the newest technology, tools, and information needed to manage every facet of your wiring and electrics. Electrifire’s highly skilled team of electricians will assist you in creating a maintenance strategy that is both routine and comprehensive so that you can guarantee that your electricity and electrics are always working at a peak degree. Routine maintenance also lowers the possibility of equipment failure, thus reducing your costs as maintenance is far cheaper than the cost of replacement or repairs. No matter what your needs, Electrifire is dedicated to always providing just the very best quality industrial electric maintenance, letting you along with your business to function at your pinnacle.

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