Recent Projects

Pinehurst – October 2016

We have recently completed the installation of additional detection within the Pinehurst building in Farnborough Business Park, this is an occupied building which resulted in the work being completed out of hours over a 2 week period.

The system existing system is a closed protocol system and a specialist 3rd party contractor was employed to work with us and commission the system over a weekend

Approximate number of devices installed – 70

Kidbrooke Village – August 2016

We were employed by another fire alarm company as a specialist sub contractor to commission the most recent phase of the Kidbrooke Village development, the B block. This phase consisted of 5 blocks of apartments each with a single loop Advanced control panel with Hochiki protocol networked together.

The systems were all wired by the electrical contractor and our work was to 2nd fix and commission the system, as expected we were under pressure from the start to complete the project in a short time frame, this was done with success.

Approximate number of devices commissioned – 100

Essex Outdoor Centre July – 2016

Essex Outdoor Centre expanded its operation and constructed additional cabins, a fire alarm contractor was employed to install new devices in the new cabins and offices, this contractor was not able to commission the system and employed a 3rd party commissioning engineer, this engineer spent 2 days attempting to commission and eventually gave up due to such a poor installation.

We were employed to rewire everything the previous contractor had wired and commission the entire site, the work within the cabins had to be scheduled carefully so we did not disrupt the customers who were staying on site and minimise the need for making good especially as the original installation was under 12 months old

Approximate number of devices installed – 75

Saint Ronans School

We recently completed an EMS Firecell Radio Fire Alarm installation at Saint Ronans School. This installation of approximately 250 radio devices and a networked control panel was under a strict timescale and was completed ahead of schedule, bearing in mind the start date was 16th of December and the scale of the project the school now has a fully functional fire alarm system just 3 weeks later.

Stephen James BMW

As well as being an approved contractor for the Stephen James Group, we have recently completed the installation of Electric Car Chargers at the flagship branch in Enfield for the i3 electric car. The level of customer satisfaction has also meant that we will have the opportunity to install chargers at their other branches in Bromley, Blackheath and Ruxley.